jogdesignco ,

Welcome to JOGDESIGNCO  the designer inspired by the world , but you didn’t come onto the site to hear about the brand you want to hear the story behind the brand, if you want to hear more about that then here it is the man behind JOGDESIGNCO is called Jordan  Davis recent BA honours student who graduated recently from university of Bedfordshire with a full degree  in Advertising Design.

This foundation and struggle I went through in my university years gave me the courage to begin jogdesignco so that people whether be like-minded designer individuals  or just normal practical people , who can appreciate various types of designing that I’ve produced including branding ,press ads, vector designs , advertisements, fashion and photography.

As well as reporting in the wider world of designers from various fields and showcasing the designers who have given me the biggest inspiration over the years especially graphics designer Johnathan Barnbrook whos work and attitude towards life and design keeps me centred as a person and human being helping keep the balance between commercial design and using my  design skills to campaign for causes I care about which is why when I can help charities promote their causes.

But overall this site is designed to help you better understand what my creative mind sees and creates how I grow as a designer and to see my journey achieve forever creative fulfilment.