The Jogdesignco Project


‘This is the biggest project of my life it won’t finish until the day I die’ JOGDESIGNCO a life project’

Welcome to the new jogdesignco site and I’ve been a busy boy redesigning this new website for a new world and new me I’ve been freed by the bounds of university and education to finally realise myself into the big wide world of a professional designer career.

After completing a four-year degree at university and finally shaking my hand of the vice chancellor I soon came to the realisation of one journey ending and another one beginning one which filled me with fear the other with excitement.

Using my previous experience of running my previous university student blog which helped my lecturers track my journey and work ethic mixing it in with a bit of personality-free handwriting techniques whilst also talking about my journey further through my design career.

And its history jogdesignco is born a place where designers and non-designers can come appreciate the wide world of design from a wide range of designers background based people that have inspired me or people of a recent keen interest of the design world.

These will be covered in jogdesignco new divisions that will be set up jogdesignco photography and blog will release on launch day and video blogs and interviews coming further down the line. I hope you enjoy this new space and stay tuned for launch day on the 02/03/2018 stay tuned.