Jogdesignco Brand Logo Experiments

Jogdesignco brand logo

”Finding your name in world ain’t easy, but once you find it will hopefully live on long after you leave this world in essence immortality is guaranteed through the memories of those who remember your name, but you just gotta make sure it’s for the right reasons”

Well as you would have seen from the website I’ve taken a break from updating from this Relaunch.

This was done for personal reasons in order to sort out where I was going in life due to family commitments, it also helped me think about where my designing was taking me not only career wise but spiritually as well.

And in keeping with that thinking, I began an approach to redesign my logo from the classic blue we all love and care about to more risky colours schemes and mostly plays on the original and consists of colour experimentation and reflex the moods I was in when I was designing them.

For example, the green jogdesignco was designed to represent illness in a type of obvious outcome sense which at the time I didn’t think about displaying it in a more subtle way.

And so was red to symbolize, nothing communists or red labour as some you might think and but the frustration and stress caused by the illness that couldn’t be solved easily in my life and helplessness you feel when that will to survive is taken from you and place in the hands of others is a hard thing to grasp.

This design exercise helped me process those pent-up emotions and barrier,s which I have felt since I was young, and designing has helped me to constructively express those emotional forces. Whether be drawing or creative thinking process those complex feelings I pent up over my adolescence years.

But overall this overall of how I see jogdesignco and different brand experimentations with taught me to think about ethical reasonings for the choices I take for my designing.

Those small experimentations steps have helped merely rediscover my design confidence balance which I need to stay positive and motivated in the highly competitive market.