Thirsty Project

Thirsty project

‘’Now this is a thirst for thought how and why I created a brand that was designed to be so thirsty for redesigns and development’’

Inspired by my thirst for a soft drink like the average person out there, and also spurred on by my hatred for plain water mineral water despite being the drink for the body.

The thirsty brand was created to satisfy my craving for flavour while sticking as close as I can to the health benefits of mineral water for the well-being of the body.

In this project, it tested my research skills and using previous skills which I gained through studying examples of businesses before I trained to become a graphic designer.

It taught me discipline and professionalism, this task also required me to produce a bottle label design and brand identity and help establish brand guidelines.

With a story behind the brand to sell to the public and to basically sell it to the audience, which was designed for those who want to be healthier by drinking more water can’t stand the taste of plain water.

It required heavy amounts of research into the market seeing what the other competitors were selling.

I then began brainstorming ideas for names and the final drawing of the possible layout of the names that were designed a bit further then I chose one to then further design, thinking about how much I was going to sell it for etc.

I also opted to create all the branding labels in my case I designed three different bottle labels colour scheme to match the flavour the consumer was drinking.

I also went a bit further and thought about possible advertisement concepts and avenues as well it was dubbed the desert man concept.