Jogdesignco Portfolio

Jogdesignco portfolio

‘’A designer a portfolio is a gateway into the world and logic of a designer you are looking at it shows its, history, destiny, creativity and identity’’

This is the jogdesignco first official post and I thought it would be logical, to display something more formal and understanding as I’m still up and coming designer, I thought it is important to talk about first my struggle in creating my personal printed and online portfolio documentation.

Now the advice to most young designers are given is pick to out 5 to 10 of your best projects, that displays your wide selection skills which include artworks that shows a graphics designer, creativity skills and techniques.

Which includes the usage of many programs of adobe creative suite the more trained you are on them, the better your employability will be.

But the main programs many employers asking about in terms graphic design roles are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as a minimum requirement, but with known knowledge of many web-based design programs such as Dreamweaver and adobe muse, which I find the latter much easier to use to design a website for multi-platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

This was gathered using research from many job sites such as the big ones like the reed, indeed and CV library, which the input search was for roles entitled junior to mid graphic designer.

Now let’s talk about the layout of my portfolio I designed it to be very formal and neat to represent my design personality which evolved over the years from the beginnings when I was back in school, where I was very messy unorganised designer to very well managed to and mature one, but just enough madness still left there to be creative and sprout new ideas because no one likes a dull designer.

I also intended to match the branding, I created for myself which is the jogdesignco logo so people that are reading the document format know they are looking at an official document made by me.

And that’s important in the world of the internet, as a designer must stand out to set themselves different from the crowds of designers applying for a job, individuality becomes most important in demonstrating that in your portfolio.