Onyx Project

Now I’m not a festival person but I can see the excitement in this festival with a diverse range of music

The onyx music festival was brand music festival I designed for a new concept for a music festival which its identity would be as iconic as the Glastonbury and read festivals, using marketing skills and incorporating different genres of music to be performed on a multi-base diverse platform including rock r & b rap. Grime and pop.

I created a simple but effective iconic logo and colour scheme to best suit what the clients were looking in their brief using keywords such simple effective trendy with a bit of funk mixed into I also wanted to show and I think I’ve achieved that by first drawing out the design and then making it neater for the final copy.

This project as a whole has given me more confidence in my drawing and techniques abilities of concept drawing plus adding better intelligence of thinking more about the marketing side of the logo and how it would sit in the festival calendar.