Patrick Brill Project

Patrick Brill

Patrick brill also known as bob amd roberta smith the latter being his sister who he frequently collaborated with, must be one of my favourite typographic artists out there his time influence pieces has sparked my curiosity over the years his influence has always made me think about my own personal style in my workings.

This led me into creating a magazine type layout a short prequel to the article blog I did about Norman foster this magazine layout was made simple to maximise into showing as much of his work as possible.

With experimentations into creating as much diversity into three different style showing colour artwork differences as well as typography differences to see which one of the magazine layout pages was most productive.

Overall this project showed me to maximise my outlook on experimentation on a tight timescale and to effectively to see which magazine layouts would be most exciting and complement to Patrick brill work as possible.

51kggdmm5kl-_sl500_aa240_ 281851582_947522885001_110517bobsmith-4709931 1233918518_bob-roberta-smith-billboard-for-edinburgh-2009-web 3239460522_d20c96ff9f Artist Patrick Brill bob-and-roberta-smith bob-and-roberta-smith-fring bob-roberta brs-peace-camp download jordan-davis-chosen-artist2 jordan-davis-chosen-artist3 jordan-davis-chosen-artist4