Nostalgia Project

‘Nostalgia nostalgia when will it end I feel gentrification has a lot to do to make us feel more nostalgic these days”

Well, we can I begin this my first photography-inspired project, I guess wanted to make this political as well as something with a meaning full and show the injustice for and against gentrification.

I wanted to portray pace of change of the old and the new in our surroundings I picked three central locations which were Luton town centre.

where I wanted to see the change and diversity of buildings portraying the changing environment that have an impact on the small town character.

And what gentrification really means as a whole and how it’s reclassified as regeneration an almost friendly little clever rebranding trick the stuff I learned in my degree.

But I also wanted to catch the essence and time of these buildings especially the old one and if every brick could speak, what stories they would tell of the change and maybe their constant fear of being knocked due to not being grade 1 or 2 listed.

There were many I took with the most of the images that interest me was the buildings around Luton town centre especially the building surrounding the towns shopping centre, the mix between new and old is amazing even in one of the images an outline of a former building is quite impressive.

I also chose to do my photography shoot campaign with old black and white this was done using black and white film leaving them colourless allow the looker so to see more depth in the photo, without the distraction of the colours being displayed and getting sidetracked and left them, unedited.

I wanted to leave them as raw and interesting as I saw them a sort of time capsule in which they are taken and you get rawness with that sadly you no longer to get in the digital age, because of the ease and availability of it now attach to many different smartphone or DSLR cameras photo editing software.

Overall my portrayal of this project taught me their are other ways to project and communicate my thoughts, and feelings in my work and show the audience there are more ways to #skinarat in phrase sense.