Power Rush Project

Power rush

Designed to give you energy and substance to your body for when you need it power rush was a concept for the fitness and energy junky goers in the market this was also to be right up there in the market with drinks like Lucozade Sport, Gatorade, and Powerade.

This was a project for a client to design a new brand identity for an energy drinks company which included packaging, labels and ad campaign ideas.

To help me complete this task in this highly competitive market I used a range of my skills and techniques based on what the information the client described. I began to develop the individual flavours needed to create a range to markets, helping, To begin with, four flavour ideas then extending to six as the project progress, which allowed each flavour to be displayed within a brand uniform identity but with it owns individual twist which reflects the difference in flavour. This, in turn, developed into press and marketing examples for each of the individual flavours.

This project also taught me to correct more about brand identity and establishing a brand uniform to help relate and help the brand and products come behind a unifying figure which would help the consumer establish brand recognition. These ideas were inspired by analysing great super brands who execute this perfectly like Heinz and coca cola.

screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-14-18-30 screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-14-18-01 screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-14-17-40 screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-14-04-49 screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-12-09-37 screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-12-04-23 first-6-labels final-logo-desing-for-powerush a3-powerush-bottle-label powerush-branding-strawberry-stlye-billboard powerush-branding-orange-stlye-billboard powerush-branding-cherry-stlye-billboard powerush-branding-blueberry-stlye-billboard powerush-branding-bannaand-pineapple-stlye-billboard powerush-branding-apple-stlye-billboard